Mental Health Nursing

Mental Health Nurse

Below are some of the basic questions you may have to ask about what MHN is and how you access the content. If you have further enquiries, contact either the editor, the subscription manager ( or the advertising manager (

Q. What is Mental Health Nursing (MHN) journal and who is it aimed at?
A. MHN is the peer-reviewed house journal of the UK's Mental Health Nurses association, a part of Unite the Union’s Health Sector. MHN covers all aspects of mental health nursing in the United Kingdom, from education and practice to current news and resource reviews. Published bi-monthly online, MHN is essential reading for all mental health practitioners, educators, students and anyone involved with the mental health care sector.

Q. Do all members of MHNA have free access to the journal?
A. Yes, membership includes free access to all online issues of MHN

Q. Where is the on-line journal website?
A. 1. First, you must go to the MHNA homepage. There are two ways to do this; either go directly to:

Or go to the Unite home page at:

Then click on ‘Sectors’ in the top menu bar; followed by ‘Health Sector’ in the list of sectors; next choose ‘Health Sector Professional Groups’ and then choose ‘Mental Health Nurses Association (MHNA)’. (It’s easier and quicker than it sounds!)

2. Now that you are at the MHN homepage, click on the link called ‘Mental Health Nursing – The official on-line journal of Unite/MHNA’.

3. Now you need to log in.

If you are a member of MHNA, use the top box called ‘Membership Login. Type in your membership number and password and click log in.]

If you are a not member of MHNA, but subscribe to MHN, use the bottom box called ‘Membership Login. Type in your user name and password and click log in.

Q. I entered my name but do not have a password.
A. To get a password contact

Q. I entered my password but it did not work
A. Check you are using the correct boxes (see item 3 above). If you sure you are entering the correct details, but you still cannot access the journal then you may need to be reissued with a new password. This can be obtained from…

Q. I have forgotten my password. Can you remind me/send a new one?
A. Yes, this can be obtained from

Q. I want to subscribe for access to the whole university library.
A. Universities and libraries can obtain multi-user access from the subscription manager (

Q. Is the journal accessible with Apple Mac computers?
A. Yes, it works with both PCs and Apple Macs

Q. How many issues of MHN are available?
A. We are building an online archive of MHN. Currently, all issues from January 2008 are available. In time, we hope to add to this with earlier issues. When this happens we will let you know.

Q. I am not a member of MHNA, can I subscribe to the journal?
A. Yes, you can subscribe. Go to the journal homepage and in the left-hand menu click on ‘Subscribe’. Please note that for most individuals, especially for students, it is actually cheaper to become a member of MHNA – plus you get all the advantages of belonging to Unite/MHNA.

Q. I am not a member or subscriber; is there a free sample article I can look at to see if MHN is right for me?
A. Yes there is; go to the journal homepage and in the left-hand menu click on ‘Latest sample issue’.

Q. I have accessed an issue, now I want to download or print a copy – how do I do that?
A. If you look at the bottom of the online issue you can see ten icons. The print icon is third from the right and the download icon is second from the right.

Q. I am finding it difficult to read the journal online, what can I do to make it easier?
A. You have two good options. First, download the issue and open it with a free PDF viewer such as Adobe Acrobat. You should now be able to view the journal across your whole screen, and zoom in to a particular section. Second, if you prefer a paper version, you can now print the downloaded version.

Q. I would like to advertise my company on the website, or in the page-turning version of the magazine. Who do I contact?
A. In the first instance, send an email to the advertising manager (, or phone 02078782204.